Most of my projects are already on Github

Current projects

  • BigGraphite: A Cassandra based storage module for Graphite
  • Gourde: Flask based microframework for python microservices.
  • Contributor for Graphite, Prometheus, Grafana, and others...

Old Projects


  • ACPI4Asus: Linux kernel driver that allows owners of Asus laptops to use all the functionalites of their compruters such as special keys, special LEDs, brightness control, ...
  • samsung-laptop: Platform driver for samsung laptops, available in mainstream kernels.
  • thinkpad-wmi: Platform driver for Thinkpad laptops.
  • wmidump: small utility to dump a _WDG buffer.



  • euscan: a tool to check outdated ebuilds.
  • Zordania: A browser based game that stayed alive for 10 years !


Also some old and probably broken projects:

Ohloh profile for iksaif